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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 00:00


New on the market to protect your chickens is an alternative, low-maintenance product called The Fox Stopper.

This simple device is said to allow your birds easy access to their hen house, but will prevent predators from doing the same. Hence, the manufacturer says, there’s no need to secure your hen house at night.

The inventor, Tom Pear, is a keen chicken enthusiast who’s developed and tested The Fox Stopper over the past two years using his own 20-strong flock of Leghorns.

The evidence was there that foxes had been active around the hen house during the night but not once did they ever gain entry. The simple, hinged spike arrangement allows chickens complete freedom of movement, but prevents larger creatures such as foxes from getting inside.

Tom, who is a professional blacksmith, manufacturers The Fox Stopper on his own premises, and says that the device is easy to fit on a range of hen houses.

For further details of this new device which costs £39.95, call 07900 576493 or visit the website at: www.foxstopper.co.uk.


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